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Active Goals


The ACTIVE Goals program is a transformative journey designed to guide and ignite students, individuals and business professionals who aspire to reach their ultimate goals and unlock their full potential.

In this engaging and dynamic program, you are guided through a structured process that empowers you to define your deepest aspirations, develop a clear vision for your future, and take intentional actions to turn your dreams into reality.

By fostering self-discovery, motivation, and personal growth, alongside practical and proven goal setting methods, ACTIVE Goals equips you with the tools and mindset needed to navigate your academic or professional  journey and beyond, setting you on a path to greater success and fulfillment.

Free Digiboards Mini Guide

Ignite and Inspire your Students’ Goals and Aspirations

This comprehensive resource is designed to revolutionize goal setting in educational institutions. Promoting student engagement and achievement, Digiboards allow students to visually design and manifest their goals and aspirations like never before.

With the Digiboards Mini Guide, you'll discover how this innovative tool can transform your classroom into a hub of motivation and success.

Work With Eric

Want to know more about how I can help you or your team reach your goals? I want to hear from you - let’s talk!
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