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Creative Thinking. Faith-Filled Believing. Goal Achieving. Transformative Leading.

Eric L. Hines is an educator, speaker, certified life coach and the CEO and Founder of the transformative goal setting program,  ACTIVE Goals

Free Digiboards Mini Guide

Ignite and Inspire your Students’ Goals and Aspirations

This comprehensive resource is designed to revolutionize goal setting in educational institutions. Promoting student engagement and achievement, Digiboards allow students to visually design and manifest their goals and aspirations like never before.

With the Digiboards Mini Guide, you'll discover how this innovative tool can transform your classroom into a hub of motivation and success.

Eric L. Hines

Following his passion to help the youth, Eric became a mathematics teacher for Prince George's County Public Schools. Eric won the 2021 MSEA Minority Educator Award, was selected for the 2021 Maryland Chamber Foundation Teacher Externship with Amazon, and won the 2023 Excellence in Innovation Award. Eric helps students, educators, corporate professionals, and organizations discover their pathways to success with his comprehensive, cyclic goal setting process, ACTIVE Goals.

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"From a family of teachers, I believe that I was built to strengthen the minds of our youth through creativity and innovation - whether math instruction, basketball coaching, or life advising.” - Eric L. Hines


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