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Eric L. Hines

Eric L. Hines is a Teacher Coordinator for the Mathematics Department for Prince George's County Public Schools, MD. Raised in the Hampton Roads, VA area, he graduated from the University of Maryland in College Park, MD with a Bachelor of Science in Geographical Information Science. Upon graduation, he became an entrepreneur providing website design, graphic design, marketing, and video production services to small businesses for over 15 years. In 2020, Eric was hired to teach mathematics for Prince George’s County Public Schools. Within his first year of teaching, Eric won the 2021 MSEA Minority Educator Award, was appointed the Algebra 1 Team Lead, was selected for the Maryland Chamber Foundation Teacher Externship with Amazon, and was promoted as the Teacher Coordinator for the Laurel High School Mathematics Department. He completed his Master's of Education in Educational Technology at Loyola University Maryland. Mr. Hines is a very active leader at his school including being the Class of 2025 Sponsor, 9th Grade Academy Math Lead, Mathematics Department Teacher Coordinator, and Men’s Basketball Coach.
He has managed and consulted over 100 small businesses and professionals to plan, design, and launch digital design services including websites, mobile applications, and video production projects to accomplish specific goals and results for companies and individuals. Eric has over 15 years of experience working with small businesses and government contractors in goal setting, management, marketing, and business development. This experience has provided him with insight into the importance of goal-setting and the process necessary for the achievement of personal, professional, and corporate goals.
As an educator and leader at his school, Eric is tasked with setting goals for the department and the students which are focused on student achievement, student growth, teacher development, and academic effectiveness. Each goal set had multiple accommodations considered, addressed the social-emotional issues impacting student success, and had action items that supported the teachers and students. His experience working with county and school administration on goal-setting and student growth metrics can provide guidance to other professionals in the education field.
"We need to care for the whole person within each student and teacher so that we can shape their creative thinking to impress more faith-filled believing which creates more transformative leading so our students can engage in more innovative creating." - Eric L. Hines

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